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Beef Rendang + low calorie series

Beef Rendang

Here’s the first post in my new low calorie series! How exciting! Wee, woo! My mum used to make beef rendang pretty often when I was young. It’s one of those meals that are really homely and filling. It is originally an Indonesian meal that uses big chunks of steak cooked in the thick curry paste and left to slow cook for an hour or so until the curry is slightly dry and thick.

Beef Rendang

This recipe I’m posting is not 100% authentic because I’m optimising it to fit into a low calorie meal plan and to be quicker to make. Instead of thick chunks of steak, the recipe calls for thin stir fry strips which are much faster to cook and lower in fat and therefore calories. I just use a beef rendang curry paste, you can find it in your local supermarket. At Coles and Woolworths it’s in the same section with all the other Asian curry pastes. The vegetables I chose for this recipe are carrots, broccoli, green beans and a bit of potato but obviously you can pick whatever vegetables you think will go well with curry and rice.

Beef Rendang

Per serve: Calories 369 Carbohydrates 46g Fat 10g Protein 23g
Listed as “ddbagel Beef rendang”

Beef Rendang (serves 6)
– 400-500g/ 1/2lb of beef stir fry strips
– 174g/6oz carrots, chopped (about 1.5-2 carrots)
– 120g/4oz broccoli cooked
– 110g/4oz green beans cooked
– 185g/7oz carisma potato, cubed* cooked
– 100g/3.5oz Beef rendang curry paste
– 100ml light coconut milk*
– 4.5 cups cooked jasmine rice

1. In a pan add the curry paste and heat until fragrant.
2. Cook your rice according to package descriptions. I use a rice steamer, 2 cups of uncooked jasmine rice makes 4.5 cups cooked.
3. Use this time to cook your vegetables to your liking. I boiled them separately until cooked and rinsed under cold water.
4. Add the beef to the paste and stir to coat. Cook until no further pink remains. Add the coconut milk and stir to combine. Let simmer on low until the vegetables and rice are ready.
5. Serve the beef over rice with the vegetables on the side.

* The recipe shown here is exactly what is in the MyFitnessPal recipe (Food). You cannot edit it so if you decide to add more/change things I suggest importing the recipe into the recipe section and changing the values yourself.
* Carisma potato is a Coles brand Low-GI potato and I’m not sure if it’s available outside Australia.

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