Month: April 2015

Breakfast Egg Bites

Sometimes eating breakfast can be such as hassle, especially when you were meant to leave for work 10 minutes ago. No time to sit there eating cerealΒ and watch the clock tick by. Ladies and gentlemen, I have the solution for you. I feel like I’m pitching some miracle tonic here, but seriously, these egg bites are the answer to your breakfast problems. They’re freezable, they’re full of protein, they only need a quick zap in the microwave, you can eat them on the go and last but not least, two of these babies will fill you up until lunch time, no doubt. This recipe uses chicken, tomato, cheese, onion and parsley as the main flavours, but you can change these ingredients to what ever you like! Feeling a bit Greek? Add some red onion, olives and feta cheese. How about some Spanish? Chuck in some chopped chorizo. You gettin’ my drift? Making a batch of these means you have a delicious, filling breakfast no matter how much time you have. Let’s make some! Preheat your …


Low calorie fudgey brownies

Low calorie? Brownies? When have you ever heard those words in one sentence before? You guys better believe it because I can never lie when it comes to brownies. Now there is a brownie option for those trying to go healthy or lose weight, and they are wheat free too! These seriously fudgey brownies are so rich and chocolatey that you’ll be satisfied with one square, as impossible as that sounds, and they’re only 62 calories a square. If you aren’t on any particular diet you’ll still want to bake a batch of these babies because they are scrumptious and literally take 2 minutes to put together. If you’re feeling daring, and I know you are, serve these brownies with a nice big spoonful of my homemade vegan nutella, yummm! The main ingredients here are oats, greek yoghurt, cocoa powder and stevia sugar replacement, a natural alternative to sugar that has fewer calories. Per serve (9 total serves) there is 62 calories, 5g protein and 7g carbs. This recipe can be found on myfitnesspal underΒ ddbagel …