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Chicken, brie and pesto croissants

Sometimes the thing I want most for lunch is a fresh and tasty sandwich, and you can never go wrong with buttery, flakey croissants. Obviously you can use white/multigrain or whatever bread your heart desires. Seeing as I just posted a recipe for pesto, I thought I would give you guys a delicious sandwich recipe that uses fresh pesto, chicken and creamy brie. This is very simple and super quick to put together but it really does taste really, really good. Chicken, brie and pesto croissant Ingredients – Croissants – Brie – Pesto from here – Chicken – Tomato – Mayonnaise (I use Japanese mayo/Kewpie) – Fresh salad greens Method 1. Grill/pan fry chicken or use leftover chicken. 2. Cut your croissant in half and layer pesto, chicken, tomato slices and brie. Place in a grill to lightly toast. 3. Spread mayo and top with salad greens. Put the other croissant half on top.

Japanese curry

Oh Japanese curry, how I love thee. In Brisbane especially, Japanese curry is a cheap, delicious and popular dish. $5 for a bowl of hot chicken curry is too good to pass up. When I was in Japan I ate loads of it, however theirs was much more special, I could buy it stuffed in bread or in a croquette. How I miss curry croquettes :( The traditional Japanese curry usually only has chicken, onion and maybe one small potato. When I make it, I want it to go far, as one box of curry costs $4, so I add one big potato, one big carrot, chicken and a whole onion. This can serve around 4-5 people depending on how big your serving sizes are. This is definitely my favourite curry to make, it’s just so easy and delicious and can go a really long way. To me Japanese curry is made with the S&B Golden Curry, I’ve never had it any other way and I’m content with that. If you’ve ever used a different brand let …