Month: January 2015

New year, new content!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and spent time with loved ones and ate some yummy food. I only went back to work this week, so I’ve had aΒ super nice break. “So what should I expect from Delicious Delicious Bagel this year?”I hear you ask. Well, my lovely people, this year will see a much bigger focus on healthy meals, some Brisbane restaurant & cafe reviews, and you’ll even start to see some DIY projects popping up. In my time off I have also been pursuing a hobby of mine, handwriting, so there might also be a few links or posts about handwriting projects I’m working on and links toΒ my soon-to-be etsy store. If you’re keen to check out some things now, head toΒ  Now I know exactly what you’re thinking when I mention this year will focus more on healthy meals, “more new year resolution rubbish?”. I promise you I made the change before Christmas and it’s only a coincidence that you’re reading this post in …