Month: October 2014

Taco bowl

  Sometimes all I want for lunch or dinner is a nice big bowl of something filling, fresh and oh so yummy. When I’m in that kinda mood I can’t help but reach for one of these bad boys. This dish consists of rice topped with mexican spiced chicken (or beef), salsa, cheese, avocado and a big helping of salad, and boy can it just brighten my day. I’ve made this with chicken and beef and they’re both equally delicious, you can also change it up by adding different salad, salsa, mexican seasoning or you could even replace the rice with some quinoa and turn it into a scrumptious salad. If I’ve made nachos recently – I’ll upload a recipe soon – then I’m sure to have a mug of cheese sauce sitting in my fridge, just begging to be used. I’m not saying you have to make it, grated cheddar works just as fine, but if you do have any nacho cheese sauce then by all means smother that chicken in it. Go crazy, …


Ghoulish Halloween Bark

BOO! Don’t be afraid, those aren’t real eyeballs in there! Bright green chocolate with candy eyes, bones and candy corn makes for a cute and yummy treat, did you notice it’s even Oreo stuffed? This ghoulish chocolate bark is so simple and delicious – it might not scare but it will definitely please. Chocolate bark is one of the easiest desserts you can possibly make. All you have to do is melt some chocolate and pick out some toppings! Seeing as it’s Halloween bark I used a food gel to colour it bright green, but it would work as any colour. I would suggest using white chocolate as you can colour it, your various candy won’t stand out as much if you use milk or dark chocolate. As for the stuffing, I chose Oreos as they’re hard to beat, just break them up and push them under the surface of the chocolate, but if you’re not keen on Oreos you could break up some Kit Kat, toffee, M&Ms or anything that will give a nice …


New Facebook Page!

Hello all! My facebook page is finally set up, if you’ve got time head over toΒ and give it a quick like :) You can also follow me on tumblr and twitter! Hope everyone is well and I’ll be putting up some exciting posts very soon <3 Taylor x Advertisements