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Chicken Teriyaki

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to make teriyaki sauce from scratch. It’s made with 3 commonly used Japanese seasonings, (cooking) sake, soy sauce and mirin. You can find all these ingredients at your local supermarket in the Asian section. Once you have these ingredients you can make many delicious and authentic Japanese recipes. Chicken teriyaki (serves 1) – 1/2 chicken breast – 1 cup jasmine rice, cooked – 1/2 carrot, sliced and cooked – 4 broccoli florets, cooked Toppings: – Kewpie mayonnaise (Japanese mayo) – 7 spice chilli pepper (find at your local Japanese or Korean supermarket) – 1 serve of Teriyaki sauce Method 1. Cook the chicken breast on a grill on medium heat until no longer pink. 2. Cook the vegetables according to your taste. I boiled mine separately until tender. 3. Prepare the Teriyaki Sauce (recipe below). 4. When the chicken is cooked, slice it. Use a small bowl to press rice into it. Flip it over on a plate for a little rice dome. Place the chicken next to the …


Japanese curry

Oh Japanese curry, how I love thee. In Brisbane especially, Japanese curry is a cheap, delicious and popular dish. $5 for a bowl of hot chicken curry is too good to pass up. When I was in Japan I ate loads of it, however theirs was much more special, I could buy it stuffed in bread or in a croquette.Β How I miss curry croquettes :( The traditional Japanese curry usually only has chicken, onion and maybe one small potato. When I make it, I want it to go far, as one box of curry costs $4, so I add one big potato, one big carrot, chicken and a whole onion. This can serve around 4-5 people depending on how big your serving sizes are. This is definitely my favourite curry to make, it’s just so easy and delicious and can goΒ a really long way. To me Japanese curry is made with the S&B Golden Curry, I’ve never had it any other way and I’m content with that. If you’ve ever used a different brand let …



My favourite food in the world is Japanese. I love it! This is an amazingly good recipe with panko fried chicken or pork with a delicious soy, mirin and onion sauce and an egg on top. Ohhhh man it’s so good. This meal is hugely filling and I use either chicken medallions or pork loin cuts, for their lean cuts. I got this recipe from Cooking with dog, the most delightful cooking channel on youtube, where a poodle hosts the show. Even if you have never heard of this dish, your should definitely try it. I like mine with the sauce and onion on the rice, the meat on top and no egg. Just because I’m fussy. I’m sure if you eat katsudon you’re thinking, “whaat, that’s not katsudon!” WELL I like my crispy panko chicken to stay crispy :)) Katsudon (Cut-soo-don) serves 1 – 1/2 brown onion – 1tbs soy sauce, good quality like kikkoman – 1tbs mirin – 1tsp sugar – 1/2 tsp stock powder – 1/5 cup water – panko – 2x …