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Sausages & mash + low calorie series

Sausages and mash

Who doesn’t love some sausages and mashed potato for dinner? I know I do. I know I freaking love sausages and mashed potato. And if you know someone who doesn’t, I don’t want to know them. Don’t introduce them to me please. ALERT: This meal is so easy. It feels like you’ve had a big naughty, filing, cozy meal when actually it’s the opposite. One serve of this meal is only 222 calories!!! Let’s put that into perspective: 2 slices of thin, white bread are 147 calories. This WHOLE meal is only 222!! Let that sink in. Gravy. Mashed potato. Sausages. 222 calories. Ugh, I died and went to mashed potato heaven.

Sausages and mash

The real stinker here though, is the two ingredients I use that make this so low calorie. If you live in Australia, head to Coles and check out their Simply Less range, chicken sausages. For two sausages it’s only 117 calories, compared to Coles thin BBQ beef sausages which are 157 calories for one! While you’re at Coles you need to pick up some Carisma potatoes. They’re damn expensive, but they’re low GI and that means I get to eat more mashed potato for less. IF you live outside of Australia and your local supermarket haven’t patented and created some super potato then I’m very sorry.. you’re just going to have to eat less mashed potato. Same goes for your sausages, use chicken ones instead of beef as they have less fat!

When I made this recipe I did not account for the milk used in my mashed potato. Depending on your type (light/skim/full fat) add the extra calories to the serve.

Per Serve: Calories 222 Carbohydrates 28.8g Fat 10.6g Protein 35.8g
Listed as ddbagel sausages and mash on MFP

Sausages and mash (serves 4)
– 1 pack Coles Simply Less chicken sausages (8 in a pack)
– 550g Coles carisma potato, cooked
– 184g broccoli, cooked
– 65g green beans, cooked
– 124g carrots, sliced and roasted
– 78g button mushrooms, sliced and roasted
– 75ml Gravox Traditional Gravy

1. Put the sausages in a saucepan covered with water. Bring to the boil with a lid on then turn off. Leave them inside with the lid on.
2. Cook your vegetables to your liking. I boiled the broccoli and beans until tender.
3. Make your mashed potato to your liking. Remember to add the extra milk/butter/cheese calories to the meal.
4. Use a non stick pan or grill and cook the chicken sausages until crispy on the outside.
5. Heat the gravy.
6. To serve: Place the mashed potato and vegetables on the plate, top with sausages and gravy. Enjoy!

  • NOTES:
    I roast the vegetables following my guide here.
    To ensure the chicken sausages are cooked I boil them first then let them sit in hot water for a while before crisping them on a pan.
    I’m not associated with Coles or anything, they just have a really good low calorie selection. When I want organic I head to Woolworths.

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