Month: July 2015

Lemon curd waffles + lemon curd recipe

In a few of my previous posts I’ve put up pictures and recipes that feature lemon curd, like the lemon curd, meringue and raspberry cupcakes featured in my wedding post, but with no recipe for it. Here is that recipe. It is the only recipe for lemon curd you will ever need because itΒ is amazing and once you’ve made it I know you’ll feel the same. The curd is smooth, sweet and deliciously tangy and I love it on just about anything! You can spread it on some soft bread or use it as a topping for cakes and cupcakes or as a filling. The lemon curd recipe makes a fairly big amount but it does store well in the fridge. If you’re worried, just half the recipe. A simple but very yummy way to use the curd is to put it on some waffles. This particular post is a great example on how you can make something so damn good but really easily once you have curd. You don’t need to make the waffles, …