Month: May 2015

Vegan french toast with whipped coconut cream

I’ve been dabbling a bit in vegan cooking recently, trying new recipes and substitutions for favourites. So far I’ve learned that nuttelex is a godsend and almond milk always goes on sale the day after I buy it. More importantly I’ve learned that making a recipe vegan doesn’t mean you skimp out on taste and in some cases taste better than the original! An excellent example of this is french toast. I personally hate french toast, that was until I made this. I made this for some friends, and I kid you not, one of my friends (not vegan) said it was the best french toast he’s ever eaten. So what makes this recipe so good? Ripe mashed bananas, vanilla, cinnamon and almond milk are the only ingredients and they make the most delicious batter for your bread to soak up. The bananas give great texture and flavour, and the more ripe they are, the sweeter. The real secret here is to sprinkle brown sugar on the bread before you pan fry, that way they …