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Lemon curd waffles + lemon curd recipe

In a few of my previous posts I’ve put up pictures and recipes that feature lemon curd, like the lemon curd, meringue and raspberry cupcakes featured in my wedding post, but with no recipe for it. Here is that recipe. It is the only recipe for lemon curd you will ever need because it is amazing and once you’ve made it I know you’ll feel the same. The curd is smooth, sweet and deliciously tangy and I love it on just about anything! You can spread it on some soft bread or use it as a topping for cakes and cupcakes or as a filling. The lemon curd recipe makes a fairly big amount but it does store well in the fridge. If you’re worried, just half the recipe. A simple but very yummy way to use the curd is to put it on some waffles. This particular post is a great example on how you can make something so damn good but really easily once you have curd. You don’t need to make the waffles, …


Lemon & blueberry greek yoghurt protein pancakes

You know how sometimes you just really want pancakes for breakfast? A lot of the time I can’t justify them because I eat a low carb/high protein diet and pancakes don’t quite cut it in the protein department. Well, I did some searching for a pancake recipe that includes greek yoghurt, uses oat flour instead of wheat, and how to omit the banana that’s always added. Ta-daa! These light and fluffy pancakes use lovely fresh lemon juice, zest and blueberries with oat flour, protein powder and greek yoghurt. I don’t typically eat many pancakes in one sitting so this recipe is customised to make just 6, you can just double the recipe for 12. One serving (3 pancakes) has 286 calories, 29g carbs and 17g protein. You can find this recipe on the myfitnesspal database under ddbagel lemon & blueberry greek yoghurt protein pancakes If you don’t have any oat flour, use a processor to grind some rolled oats into flour. Combine the lemon juice, zest, greek yoghurt, egg, butter and honey. Mix well. In a larger bowl combine the …


Lemon Meringue Pie

Oh god I love pies. If you haven’t noticed, that is pretty much all I bake. I can stop whenever I want though, I don’t have a problem. Don’t look at me like that… The other thing I am kind of obsessed with is lemon. What better idea than to merge the two together and bake a glorious lemon meringue pie?! I love the tangy and creamy curd, the soft and fluffy meringue and the crunchy and flaky pastry. Oh man, just… yumm. This was actually the first time I made my own pie crust. I’m not to fond of them because of the floury taste, so I usually just use some puff pastry but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Every time I make a lemon curd I’m always reminded how the yellow colour doesn’t come from the lemons, but the egg yolks. I always find that surprising when I make it. I also made more curd than needed for the pie so I made these delicious little puff pastry parcels filled with some …