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Blueberry & Almond Lattice Pie

Pies are one of my favourite things to eat and bake because they’re crispy and chewy with a delicious filling. This pie in particular is blueberry, but it also has a super yum layer of almond meal and sugar hidden inside. The greatest thing about pies is that they require very little effort but always look stunning. If you’re not up for making a lattice top, just use a single piece of pastry and cut out some cute shapes with a cookie cutter! The very tasty looking pictures of the pie (pictured above) are from my recent Woodland Wedding Inspiration food postΒ . If you think that pie looks good you should see the wedding cake! Click here to see the post. The most important thing when baking pies is to get that golden brown colour on top, so if you think you’re pie is too light by the end of the recommended cooking time, turn up the temperature and leave it until it browns. Pie is even better when served with some (or a lot …


Woodland Wedding Inspiration

I got the idea some time ago for this shoot. I bought a woodland creatures cookie cutter set from Ikea, it had a bear, elk, fox, squirrel and hedgehog. At first I thought it would be fun to do a little woodland theme for the cookies but then I kept thinking about adding more things and thenΒ before I knew it it turned into this! The theme of this wedding cake table is woodland. It includes lots of lovely green foliage such as ivy and beautiful dark red fruits and berries like grapes and blueberries. The naked cake is a really simple yet beautiful option for a wedding cake. Adding fruit, flowers and/or foliage makes the cake look stunning and it’s definitely possible (and cheap) to make this cake yourself. All of the food featured is actually really simple to make, it just requires nice presentation. I’m hoping this post will inspire brides-to-be, guide DIY brides on what desserts to consider or at least help with choosing food/cakes and presentation/theme. The food featured in this post …


Lemon Meringue Pie

Oh god I love pies. If you haven’t noticed, that is pretty much all I bake. I can stop whenever I want though, I don’t have a problem. Don’t look at me like that… The other thing I am kind of obsessed with is lemon. What better idea than to merge the two together and bake a glorious lemon meringue pie?! I love the tangy and creamy curd, the soft and fluffy meringue and the crunchy and flaky pastry. Oh man, just… yumm. This was actually the first time I made my own pie crust. I’m not to fond of them because of the floury taste, so I usually just use some puff pastry but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Every time I make a lemon curd I’m always reminded how the yellow colour doesn’t come from the lemons, but the egg yolks. I always find that surprising when I make it. I also made more curd than needed for the pie so I made these delicious little puff pastry parcels filled with some …