Month: December 2013

Paprika chicken soup

  This soup is so tasty. Paprika is such a delicious spice and is no disappointment in soup. It has a beautiful colour to it and a deep, rich flavour which pairs perfectly with some toasted turkish bread.Β If you ever want to use up your leftover chicken, this recipe is great because most of the ingredients listed are items you always keep in the pantry and fridge. I love the smell of this soup, the house just fills with the scent of paprika when I cook this. If you’re concerned about the paprika overpowering the soup, rest assured, this soup is delicious and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually cook food with spices, I promise people will be impressed. Adapted from Crunchy creamy sweet Paprika chicken soup – 2 tbs unsalted butter – Β 500g/1lb chicken breast, diced – 1 tbs paprika (not the smoked or sweet one, just plain old paprika) – 1/2 brown onion, diced – 1 tbs plain flour – 1x 400ml/14oz can diced tomatoes – 2 cups chicken …


Teriyaki meatballs

  I’ve been trying out a lot of recipes to find something that will freeze well and reheat even better. There’s nothing worse than defrosting and heating it only to find it tastes like total crap. These meatballs are so simple to make, really tasty and are perfect little meals to leave in the freezer. Just put them in the fridge the night before and voila, a tasty meal that doesn’t taste like it just spent a month in hibernation. This is great for me because my boyfriend takes leftovers for lunch at work everyday and I started feeling bad that he wasn’t getting enough variety. It’s also great because if I don’t feeling like making dinner, he won’t have to buy lunch. These meatballs are really tasty with the teriyaki glaze, but you can definitely substitute the pork meatballs with some vegan or vegetarian ones. The glaze will work just fine with them. To freeze them put 5 meatballs into each ziplock bag with a little glaze. Don’t forget to date and label them! …


Vanilla bean custard

My friend absolutely loves custard, like an abnormal love for custard. This guy can eat a huge bowl of it in a few minutes.. cold too. Apparently heating it takes away time that he could be eating it. My friend did me a huge favour and he wanted custard as his payment, which I was happy to agree to. I decided to make him a nice big batch of vanilla bean custard to show my appreciation. I dressed it up a little by putting it in a mason jar. I cut out a square of wrapping paper, placed it on top and secured it with a gold ribbon. What a cute little christmas gift to surprise a custard lover! I really like this recipe and I made it for my boyfriend who had never tried homemade custard. I added a few splashes of Kahlua to it and it blew his mind! Needless to say I’ve been making a lot of custard lately. Custard is really simple to make, it just takes a little patience to …