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Cold-brewed Coffee

The first time I drank cold-brewed coffee was at this amazing little cafe in the Valley (Brisbane), called Reverends Fine Coffee. I was sitting with my boyfriend enjoying their amazing coffee and we were asked if we’d like to try some of their cold-brewed coffee. He served it to us with no milk, just the coffee itself and It was so interesting and delicate compared to espresso. I knew I wanted to try to make it myself, but I lacked the pretty equipment they had, so I forgot all about it. One day I was on Thug Kitchen and he put up a post for cold-brewed. The recipe is pretty much up to your taste, but I liked his ratio of coffee to water, so I’m bringing it to you lovely people. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this, just some paper coffee filters, a large jug/bowl, some ground coffee (whichever brand you like/can afford), a mesh strainer and water. The first day it’s made, it’s so light and delicate, you don’t need any sweetener …


Decadent hot chocolate

Who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate? It’s winter here and the only solace from the cold is a giant mug of extra hot, extra chocolate-y, hot chocolate with marshmallows and if i’m feeling really naughty, some whipped cream too. When I’m feeling really, really, really naughty, I add a spoonful of caramel too! That’s just between you and me though x Personally, I think sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate, a good book, some delicious brownies (I’ll be putting up the recipe soon for you cheeky people), a big warm blanket, a pair of big wooly socks and a candle for atmosphere, is without a doubt the most wonderful thing about winter. As much as I enjoy the cold weather, I like it best when it’s outside and I’m toasty inside. This is an easy recipe, very open to adjustments (like some sneaky caramel) and you should change it to suit your tastes. Ingredients 1 tbs cocoa powder 1 tbs sugar, any kind will do 1 dash of vanilla Enough water to mix the …


Banana Berry Blitz (how original)

I know, I know, banana berry blitz? It’s been done so many times before but I honestly couldn’t come up with anything else. Who cares what it’s called anyway? I’ll tell you what you should care about, how quick, easy and delicious this smoothie is. Sometimes I find it really hard to eat breakfast, especially when I have work early. This smoothie is super easy to make and nice and healthy. All you need is some yoghurt, oats, banana and frozen berries. The oats are made up of half soluble and insoluble fibres, which has been found to lower blood cholesterol. The yoghurt can be your decision really, if you want greek, natural or vanilla, go for it! It adds calcium for your bones and is high in protein too. The fruit obviously is good for you too, with antioxidants and vitamins, it also helps to colour the smoothie a delightful pink. My favourite yoghurt was all gone :( Smack all the ingredients into a blender/processor. Blend it up baby! Look at that gorgeous pink colour! …