Neapolitan Cakes

Welcome to deliciousdeliciousbagel, a place for lovers of food. It’s here that you’ll find recipes that will inspire, satiate and delight, no matter what your cooking level is.

Who are you?
I’m Taylor, a 20-something year old based in Brisbane, Australia. I love all things creative, anything that involves my hands, but most importantly, I love food. To a ridiculous degree.

What is deliciousdeliciousbagel?
It’s a cooking blog (at the moment) that aims to reach out to people wanting to make delicious food. Recipes vary from quick and cheap meals for the busy, to slow and sometimes expensive food for the adventurous. You’ll find cakes, salads and everything in between.

When did you start cooking?
My earliest memory of cooking involves a very little me, standing on a chair in the kitchen while my mum told me how to make honey chilli chicken. Later on I attempted a few recipes but they always failed miserably, even  my dad was afraid to eat my cooking. I really started to cook properly when I moved to Brisbane. Here I was, without my mum cooking for me. Something just clicked at that stage and I started teaching myself to cook.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever cooked?
I’d have to say a pepper pork stir fry. It was just horrid. It was so salty and peppery, it’s probably one of the only meals I’ve made where I chucked it out and never tried again.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever cooked?
That’s a much harder question. It changes from time to time, usually it’s something I wouldn’t think possible and is mostly baking/desserts.

What advice do you give to beginner cooks?
Don’t give up! It can seem very daunting at times, the stress and fear of something not working out can often be your downfall. If you’re afraid of failure, always have a back up plan, that way if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. I think it’s important to accept that sometimes you’re going to fail, but you’re also going to succeed. It’s important to remember that for every disaster in the kitchen, you take one step in the right direction.


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