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Beef Rendang + low calorie series

Here’s the first post in my new low calorie series! How exciting! Wee, woo! My mum used to make beef rendang pretty often when I was young. It’s one of those meals that are really homely and filling. It is originally an Indonesian meal that uses big chunks of steak cooked in the thick curry paste and left to slow cook for an hour or so until the curry is slightly dry and thick. This recipe I’m posting is not 100% authentic because I’m optimising it to fit into a low calorie meal plan and to be quicker to make. Instead of thick chunks of steak, the recipe calls for thin stir fry strips which are much faster to cook and lower in fat and therefore calories. I just use a beef rendang curry paste, you can find it in your local supermarket. At Coles and Woolworths it’s in the same section with all the other Asian curry pastes. The vegetables I chose for this recipe are carrots, broccoli, green beans and a bit of …


Portuguese chicken curry + low calorie series

A few weeks ago there was a Night Noodle Market at Southbank in Brisbane. We (me and the bf) hadn’t planned on going to it at all, we just happened to be at Southbank for a nice bike ride. We went inside to have a quick look and oh my god, seriously, the smells of it all! Everything smelt soo good so we did a little lap of all the little kiosks. There were heaps of Asian cuisines available, Korean, Pinoy, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and one curious little stall, Portuguese. I was a bit confused seeing as Brazilian Portuguese were.. well Brazilian and not Asian. We had a closer look and it explained that it’s history was from Asian immigrants in Brazil. The Portuguese chicken curry, chicken curry on turmeric rice. It smelled super good so we got one to share. What made it interesting was how it was served. A big scoop of turmeric rice, chicken curry piled on top, a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and a spoon of coconut milk …


Japanese curry

Oh Japanese curry, how I love thee. In Brisbane especially, Japanese curry is a cheap, delicious and popular dish. $5 for a bowl of hot chicken curry is too good to pass up. When I was in Japan I ate loads of it, however theirs was much more special, I could buy it stuffed in bread or in a croquette.Β How I miss curry croquettes :( The traditional Japanese curry usually only has chicken, onion and maybe one small potato. When I make it, I want it to go far, as one box of curry costs $4, so I add one big potato, one big carrot, chicken and a whole onion. This can serve around 4-5 people depending on how big your serving sizes are. This is definitely my favourite curry to make, it’s just so easy and delicious and can goΒ a really long way. To me Japanese curry is made with the S&B Golden Curry, I’ve never had it any other way and I’m content with that. If you’ve ever used a different brand let …