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Tokyo is probably the city most people are familiar with in Japan. It’s crazy and overwhelming. Tokyo is a city of lights, energy and food. If there’s something you’re looking for, you’ll find it. Cat cafes, skyscrapers, robot restaurants and endless floors of shopping, Tokyo literally has it all. Something very special about Japan is their train stations and department stores. You’ll find two basement floors under the station dedicated to produce and cafes. Vendors sell expensive fruit, fresh seafood, traditional Japanese sweets, chocolates, cakes, fried food on sticks, dumplings, grilled chicken, the list is endless. It’s here you’ll find stalls by Godiva, Wittamer and Dean & Deluca. Every item purchased is carefully wrapped, put in a box with a little ice pack and given to you in a beautiful bag. If you go up you’ll find floors of shopping and if you go to the top two floors, you’ll be especially delighted to see these floors filled by restaurants. Hawaiian burgers, American biscuits and gravy, Italian, Thai, Korean and of course Japanese food. It’s …


Food Prep Part Three: Let’s do it!

Yay, weee, woohoo! Aren’t you excited??!! Today we are finally going to do some food prepping. Well, I am and you’re going to look and read. How exciting! Part Three is going to show you lovely people exactly what goes on in food prepping and how I do it. Let’s prep! PLANNING It’s time to decide what’s on the menu this week. 20 meals (lunch and dinner for 2) will be comprised of: Indian marinated chicken breast Butter chicken & natural yoghurt marinated and grilled chicken breast – served with spiced lentils and steamed mixed vegetables (steam on the day, prior to eating) serves 4 Chicken burrito bowl Mexican spiced grilled chicken breast – served with brown rice, salsa, guacamole, corn on the cob, pico de gallo and low-fat grated cheese serves 4 Mexican inspired taco salad Mexican spiced low-fat ground beef – served with corn chips, salsa, guacamole, corn on the cob, mixed salad, pico de gallo and low-fat grated cheese serves 5 Tuna salad Canned tuna in brine (or springwater or tomato & onion) – served with …


Food Prep Part Two: The basics

  Ohhh this is a very wordy post, people. In part oneΒ we covered the pros and cons of food prep and today we are going to look at how to prep successfully. These are my tips for you, I want you to be successful so I’ve tried to make this as comprehensive as possible! For the purpose of Part Two, we will assume you are prepping for yourself and one other lucky person, who I hope will do all your dishes in return. DECIDE HOW MUCH FOOD YOU WANT TO PREP Before you start cooking you need to decide how much food you actually want. Are you prepping just for yourself? Or are you prepping for others? I would recommend keeping itΒ to a maximum of two adults, anymore and you will really need either a bigger kitchen or a second helper. Assuming you are prepping for two adults, you need 10 lunches and 10 dinners that are completely prepped and ready to go (i.e. containers that are complete meals and only need to be reheated), …