Month: August 2014

Cold-brewed Coffee

The first time I drank cold-brewed coffee was at this amazing little cafe in the Valley (Brisbane), called Reverends Fine Coffee. I was sitting with my boyfriend enjoying their amazing coffee and we were asked if we’d like to try some of their cold-brewed coffee. He served it to us with no milk, just the coffee itself and It was so interesting and delicate compared to espresso. I knew I wanted to try to make it myself, but I lacked the pretty equipment they had, so I forgot all about it. One day I was on Thug KitchenΒ and he put up a post for cold-brewed. The recipe is pretty much up to your taste, but I liked his ratio of coffee to water, so I’m bringing it to you lovely people. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this, just some paper coffee filters, a large jug/bowl, some ground coffee (whichever brand you like/can afford), a mesh strainer and water. The first day it’s made, it’s so light and delicate, you don’t need any sweetener …


Never-fail brownies

  I remember when I couldn’t really bake brownies very well. They always came out really flat and not at all chewy. I don’t know what happened, I always followed the recipe but they never came out like they were supposed to. Then one day, out of the blue, I could make them! I finally conquered delicious, chewy and chocolatey brownies. These brownies are fool-proof! You won’t ever have to worry about them failing, they’re so quick and tasty! I can whip up a batch in just a few minutes and they taste so goddam good, really nice and chocolatey. My other browniesΒ are super delish too, but I don’t have cream cheese in the fridge all the time. I have the ingredients for these brownies at all times, so if I’m craving brownies all of a sudden, these certainly satisfy that itch. You and I are friends, right? You’re not going to judge me if I sit down with a plate of brownies and a pile of cream, right? You know I would never judge …


Penny Pinching Month!

Today I bring you lovely people the beginning of my penny pinching series. I have to save every penny I earn to go on holiday, so I’m going super cheap this month and next month too. This is a great opportunity for me to give you guys some cheap and delicious meals that might help if you’re trying to save money too. Some of the recipes I’ll feature will include cold-pressed coffee, lasagne soup, foolproof pasta sauce, breakfast bites, Japanese curry and many more! We’re saving to fly to Germany for a music festival, it’s only in 2 months away which is why I’m madly trying to save. I live in Australia and we’re so isolated so flights are super expensive. I’m talking $1600 to get to Europe, return. So. Ridiculous. Hopefully we can save the money we need, I’ve never been to Europe and I really want to see the bands. If you’re from KΓΆln, give me a shout :) I also have some news about the new job I applied for. *drum roll* …