Month: August 2015

Portuguese chicken curry + low calorie series

A few weeks ago there was a Night Noodle Market at Southbank in Brisbane. We (me and the bf) hadn’t planned on going to it at all, we just happened to be at Southbank for a nice bike ride. We went inside to have a quick look and oh my god, seriously, the smells of it all! Everything smelt soo good so we did a little lap of all the little kiosks. There were heaps of Asian cuisines available, Korean, Pinoy, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and one curious little stall, Portuguese. I was a bit confused seeing as Brazilian Portuguese were.. well Brazilian and not Asian. We had a closer look and it explained that it’s history was from Asian immigrants in Brazil. The Portuguese chicken curry, chicken curry on turmeric rice. It smelled super good so we got one to share. What made it interesting was how it was served. A big scoop of turmeric rice, chicken curry piled on top, a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and a spoon of coconut milk …


Low calorie series + life update

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a low calorie series special! I’ll be posting some really delicious recipes under 400 calories each that can be part of your weekly meal prep and healthy lifestyle. I’ll also include a few posts about what I eat in a typical day. All my recipes will include the calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat amounts and a link to MyFitnessPal for the exact nutritional break down and so you can log the recipe without having to input it yourself. Some of the recipes I’ll be featuring include: A super delicious Portuguese chicken curry (339 cal) Traditional sausages and mash (222 cal) Beef Rendang (369 cal) Easy banana, cinnamon and brown sugar porridge Foolproof roasted vegetables Calorie amounts are per serving. I have not sacrificed any flavour whatsoever in making these meals low calorie, it’s about proper serving sizes, including vegetables and making healthy swaps. In other news I made a super amazingly delicious croquembouche for my boyfriend’s mum’s birthday. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically …