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Neapolitan Cakes

I was on pinterest I think, and I saw someΒ little neapolitan cupcakes. I loved the colours and it reminded me of my childhood. We always had neapolitan ice cream because my mum loved vanilla and my dad loved strawberry. I immediately thought I should make something neapolitan, but not cupcakes, I wanted something a little bit different. After finishing my never-fail brownies (the recipe is coming soon!) I didn’t really know what to do with them. At the same time, I also had a craving for some nice vanilla cake, so I had baked a nice big one and then I had an idea. Why not make theses into neapolitan cakes? I searched the house for some small circle cutters and found none, so I used shot glasses. Folks, I do not recommend this! When I pushed down on the brownies they got stuck inside, so I had to use a skewer to gently pry them out of the glass. It was not fun. When I got to the vanilla cake I cut around the …


Banana Berry Blitz (how original)

I know, I know, banana berry blitz? It’s been done so many times before but I honestly couldn’t come up with anything else. Who cares what it’s called anyway? I’ll tell you what you should care about, how quick, easy and delicious this smoothie is. Sometimes I find it really hard to eat breakfast, especially when I have work early. This smoothie is super easy to make andΒ nice and healthy. All you need is some yoghurt, oats, banana and frozen berries. The oats are made up of half soluble and insoluble fibres, which has been found to lower blood cholesterol. The yoghurt can be your decision really, if you want greek, natural or vanilla, go for it! It adds calcium for your bones and is high in protein too. The fruit obviously is good for you too, with antioxidants and vitamins, it also helps to colour the smoothie a delightful pink. My favourite yoghurt was all gone :( Smack all the ingredients into a blender/processor. Blend it up baby! Look at that gorgeous pink colour! …


Feb-March (Adelaide!)

I took a little break from blogging to travel a little to Adelaide for the music festival, Soundwave and to Cairns to visit our families. I had such an amazing time in Adelaide, specifically the Central Markets. We were staying a 5 minute walk away so we went there for breakfast everyday. I used to live in Adelaide so I have some really great memories from going to the markets every weekend and getting fresh croissants and tarts. They have this amazing shop called Dough which has the most incredible food next to two big cheese shops that have delicious cheese from around the world. This shop ‘Say Cheese’ is always super busy and they regularly have cheese tasting. We found this dessert in a confusing little part of the market and seriously, this is the greatest thing I have ever eaten and will probably ever eat. The white is a vanilla bean custard and the center is made up of sea salt meringue, orange chocolate and a soft centered caramel truffle. Just…oh..god words cannot …