Month: February 2015

Healthy Chicken Fajitas

Ohhh I love fajitas! Who can honestly resist juicy chicken, red peppers and onions flavoured with mexican spices? This is a super easy dish to make at home, you just throw stuff in the pan and, this is my favourite part, eat it! Serve it up with some warm tortillas, some fresh avocado and you got yourself one-a spicy meat-a-ball, er… should I say fajitas? Point is, this dish is delicious, fresh, very customisable and if served with some fresh salad greens and wholegrain wraps, very healthy. The recipe I’ve written is made to be separated into 6 servings for lunches. If you know anything about IIFYM this recipe has calories: 261, protein: 33g and carbs: 23g. I’ve already added this recipe to MyFitnessPal under the recipe title ddbagel Chicken Fajitas so you can log it and/or make any additional changes to the recipe! I’ll even show you later how to use this recipe for a whole week of lunches! So what are you waiting for? Slice up your onion and cook it on medium heat, add oil if you like. …