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Lasagne soup

Lasagne soup is a very delicious spin on pasta and makes for a super tasty and satisfying soup. Did I mention this was part of my penny pinching month? This soup is incredibly cheap to make and it makes a lot. Most of the ingredients you have to purchase are under $1 and the ground beef is also pretty cheap. I found this recipe on Cooking Classy and tweaked it a bit, if you’re trying to save I recommend not putting cheese in it or only a sprinkle, as cheese can be quite expensive. The soup is very simple to make and can be a refreshing change from traditional pasta and sauce. It’s also really hearty and warming, perfect for those cold nights. I would serve this with salad if you can afford, or some crusty toasted bread. *If you can’t find crushed tomatoes for cheap, just get another can of diced tomatoes and use a stick blender to mush it a little and if you can’t afford to buy the herbs separately, just buy …


Strawberry & avocado salad

  This strawberry and avocado salad is super delicious and very customisable. The combination of sweet, tangy, citrus and creamy makes this an impressive salad if you need to bring something to a friend’s dinner. In my house the only salad dressing we need is lime juice, if you prefer a proper dressing I recommend combining some french mustard, olive oil and lime juice. As long as you use lime juice! You can also use whatever salad greens you like, I always use mixed salad greens which is usually a combination of baby spinach, rocket and mesclun because I can buy a big bag for $3. This month is all about cheap and delicious food. You might not think it’s very cheap to purchase the ingredients to make this salad, but in Brisbane, especiallyΒ right now, strawberries and avocados are super cheap. I bought 4 punnets of strawberries for only $5! This salad is also super healthy if you do what I do and use lime juice as the dressing. I find that a lot of …


Penny Pinching Month!

Today I bring you lovely people the beginning of my penny pinching series. I have to save every penny I earn to go on holiday, so I’m going super cheap this month and next month too. This is a great opportunity for me to give you guys some cheap and delicious meals that might help if you’re trying to save money too. Some of the recipes I’ll feature will include cold-pressed coffee, lasagne soup, foolproof pasta sauce, breakfast bites, Japanese curry and many more! We’re saving to fly to Germany for a music festival, it’s only in 2 months away which is why I’m madly trying to save. I live in Australia and we’re so isolated so flights are super expensive. I’m talking $1600 to get to Europe, return. So. Ridiculous. Hopefully we can save the money we need, I’ve never been to Europe and I really want to see the bands. If you’re from KΓΆln, give me a shout :) I also have some news about the new job I applied for. *drum roll* …