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New year, new content!

New Year, New You

Photo property of Flourishing Lines Handwriting @flourishing.lines

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and spent time with loved ones and ate some yummy food. I only went back to work this week, so I’ve had a super nice break.

“So what should I expect from Delicious Delicious Bagel this year?”I hear you ask. Well, my lovely people, this year will see a much bigger focus on healthy meals, some Brisbane restaurant & cafe reviews, and you’ll even start to see some DIY projects popping up. In my time off I have also been pursuing a hobby of mine, handwriting, so there might also be a few links or posts about handwriting projects I’m working on and links to my soon-to-be etsy store. If you’re keen to check out some things now, head to 

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking when I mention this year will focus more on healthy meals, “more new year resolution rubbish?”. I promise you I made the change before Christmas and it’s only a coincidence that you’re reading this post in January. You should be excited though, I will start making some recipes available via MyFitnessPal for those of you that use it. This means healthier recipes for you and you’ll be able to log the calories and nutritional content directly from their database. No need worry about finding the values for each ingredient!

Another thing you’ll find more of is planned meals for the week. This includes breakfast and lunch recipes that can be made on Sunday (or the day before your working week starts) and eaten during the week. If you’re trying to lose weight or simply become healthier, there will be next to no temptation to buy/eat junk food when all your meals are made. Sounds good, right?

That’s all for now lovelies, I hope you’re new year is treating you well!
Taylor x


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