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Happy happy birthday!

Banana Birthday Cake

In November it was my 21st birthday! Woo! To be perfectly honest, it’s not quite as big of a deal here in Australia as it is in USA. We can drink and drive (not at the same time hah) at 18, but it’s still a big deal. It means I’m actually turning into a scary adult! The ladies at Flower Market Expresso sent me some absolutely beautiful flowers including lovely white, pink and red roses and a big, beautiful pink peony! What a surprise that was, I was sitting in my pyjamas eating chocolate when I was surprised by a courier. I awkwardly had to accept them in my terrible, terrible.. just terrible, smurf pants.


I was very spoiled and my wonderful boyfriend even baked me a cake. Last year he tried to bake me one and it was such a disaster, haha! It had so much food dye it didn’t rise past an inch, so it was this dense blue cake that stained everything it touched. Needless to say, I loved it oh so much, but this year I suggested that he perhaps bake my recipe for banana cake. I have mentioned to you that it is fool-proof and even my poor, wonderful-yet-lacking-any-baking-skills-whatsoever-lovely-boyfriend pulled it off without a hitch.

Banana Birthday Cake

In one of my posts I mentioned that we were heading to Noosa for the long weekend. That weekend we celebrated with friends because you see, three of us have birthdays in the same week, all turning 21 this year. It was a great way to celebrate together and of course I baked a cake for it. This was not just any cake my friends, this was perhaps the richest cake I have ever baked. It was (drum roll please) a vanilla and chocolate marble cake with cookie dough frosting (it gets better), topped with triple chocolate brownies and (yes, there’s more!) drizzled with milk chocolate. It was quite an impressive looking cake, if I say so myself. It was so darn rich that, despite eating teeny-tiny pieces, we were so full it almost made us feel sick. Nevertheless, a damn good cake. Also note my sick chocolate drizzling modelling.

Cookie dough frosting birthday cake

If you can ever make your way to Noosa I would recommend heading to Peregian Beach. The most beautiful white sandy beaches and the blue-est water you could imagine, with very few people. Here we are in our very beach-y best.

Peregian Beach

Image courtesy of Andrew Kirkwood of Brisbane Basics

We also managed to see the Eummundie Markets despite the heatwave – it was an awful 40C/104F. We would have stayed longer but it’s damned hard to be outside in the middle of the day in that heat. There were some lovely things there, a little van was set up selling old fashioned lemonade, sangrias (virgin) and various other tasty drinks served in cute plastic mason jar style cups. I ate the most amaaazing popsicle too. It was so hard to pick a flavour – cold-pressed coffee and rhubarb strawberry to name just two – but I settled with caramel vanilla and it was seriously like eating a creme caramel but deliciously ice cold.

Enough of my ramblings! I hope you all had a lovely end to November and are super excited for Christmas this month!

x Taylor



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