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Fresh basil pesto


Don’t you just love how pesto is so green and vibrant? I certainly do. I also love how tasty and versatile it is – spread it on your toast, mix it with pasta, use it as a pizza sauce – anything that goes with basil goes with pesto. However, there is something I’ve noticed about pesto recipes, they all make aΒ huge amount. Pesto is, as I said, very tasty, but it goes rancid so you would have to put it on everything to use it up! This recipe I am giving you makes the perfect amount, a small pot. It will satisfy your pesto cravings without needing to make a huge jar, which, just between you and me, you know you’re not going to finish. This small pot or small tub is the perfect amount to use in recipes.


I’m going to be perfectly honest with you here, if you haven’t made pesto before because of the work you think it involves, then you’ve been grossly misinformed. This family recipe uses basil (obviously), parmesan cheese, olive oil and pinenuts. Chuck the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until smooth, it’s that simple. I think you know what that means, time to make some pesto!


Place the basil, pinenuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese in a food processor.


Blend it. Blend it real good.

Basil Pesto
– 1 bunch of basil leaves
– 7 tbs olive oil (depends on your consistency preference, add more to your taste)
– 1/4 cup pinenuts
– 5 tbs parmesan cheese, finely grated (not theΒ processed kind)

Place everything in a processor and blend.Β Spread some of that green gold on some lightly toasted bread.





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