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Ghoulish Halloween Bark

Halloween bark13

BOO! Don’t be afraid, those aren’t real eyeballs in there! Bright green chocolate with candy eyes, bones and candy corn makes for a cute and yummy treat, did you notice it’s even Oreo stuffed? This ghoulish chocolate bark is so simple and delicious – it might not scare but it will definitely please.

Halloween bark10

Chocolate bark is one of the easiest desserts you can possibly make. All you have to do is melt some chocolate and pick out some toppings! Seeing as it’s Halloween bark I used a food gel to colour it bright green, but it would work as any colour. I would suggest using white chocolate as you can colour it, your various candy won’t stand out as much if you use milk or dark chocolate. As for the stuffing, I chose Oreos as they’re hard to beat, just break them up and push them under the surface of the chocolate, but if you’re not keen on Oreos you could break up some Kit Kat, toffee, M&Ms or anything that will give a nice texture to the chocolate.

Halloween bark

First thing you need to do is line a dish, any dish as long as you can pour out your chocolate so that it sets as a big slab.

Halloween bark

Break up the chocolate into smaller pieces and put it in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave it at 10 second intervals stirring after each. If you microwave it longer the chocolate has a really high chance of burning, so no more that 10 seconds at a time!

Halloween bark3

Mix and 10 more seconds.

Halloween bark

Almost all melted, give it 10 more seconds.

Halloween bark

Give the chocolate a really good stir to get rid of any lumps.

Halloween bark

Pick out your food dye colour, I used green but I think purple would also look great.

Halloween bark

When you’ve got the colour you want pour it into your dish. Bang it on the counter to get rid of any air.

Halloween bark

Pick what candy you’re going to use and what filling. Break up your filling/s and push it under the surface of the chocolate, then carefully place your toppings on the surface. I almost forgot my eyeballs! Just as I put it in the fridge I came across the little bag of eyes and quickly dropped them on top.

Halloween bark

To the fridge! Leave it for 20 minutes then take it out to chop up – don’t let it fully set or else it will be really hard to cut.

Halloween bark

So cute!


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