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Strawberry & avocado salad


Strawberry and avo salad

This strawberry and avocado salad is super delicious and very customisable. The combination of sweet, tangy, citrus and creamy makes this an impressive salad if you need to bring something to a friend’s dinner. In my house the only salad dressing we need is lime juice, if you prefer a proper dressing I recommend combining some french mustard, olive oil and lime juice. As long as you use lime juice! You can also use whatever salad greens you like, I always use mixed salad greens which is usually a combination of baby spinach, rocket and mesclun because I can buy a big bag for $3.

Strawberry and avo salad

I couldn’t help eating it before I finished taking photos!

This month is all about cheap and delicious food. You might not think it’s very cheap to purchase the ingredients to make this salad, but in Brisbane, especiallyΒ right now, strawberries and avocados are super cheap. I bought 4 punnets of strawberries for only $5! This salad is also super healthy if you do what I do and use lime juice as the dressing. I find that a lot of salads have really high calorie dressings and can even be very fattening, the opposite of what you want from a salad. Lots of fresh salad greens, avocado, strawberries, onion and (optional) slivered almonds makes for a filling and nutritious salad.

Strawberry and avo salad

– 3 cups mixed salad greens (not iceberg)
– handful of strawberries, sliced
– half an avocado, chopped
– 1/4 red onion, thinly sliced
– small handful of slivered almonds
– freshly squeezed lime juice

*These quantities are entirely up to you, if you want more strawberries than I listed, add more. Add more or less of any ingredient to your liking!

Combine all ingredients except for lime juice. Squeeze the lime juice over the top. How easy is that!?




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