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Cold-brewed Coffee

Cold-pressed coffee

The first time I drank cold-brewed coffee was at this amazing little cafe in the Valley (Brisbane), called Reverends Fine Coffee. I was sitting with my boyfriend enjoying their amazing coffee and we were asked if we’d like to try some of their cold-brewed coffee. He served it to us with no milk, just the coffee itself and It was so interesting and delicate compared to espresso. I knew I wanted to try to make it myself, but I lacked the pretty equipment they had, so I forgot all about it. One day I was on Thug KitchenΒ and he put up a post for cold-brewed. The recipe is pretty much up to your taste, but I liked his ratio of coffee to water, so I’m bringing it to you lovely people. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this, just some paper coffee filters, a large jug/bowl, some ground coffee (whichever brand you like/can afford), a mesh strainer and water. The first day it’s made, it’s so light and delicate, you don’t need any sweetener with it. As the days go by, the stronger the taste becomes so I would chuck it by the seventh day.

This is the first recipe for the penny pinching series and for the others that I’ll post, I’ll put a tag on these recipes. If you’d like to see them all, just click on the little tag at the end of the post.

Cold-pressed coffee

Pour the coffee in the bowl.

Cold-pressed coffee

Cold-pressed coffee

Cold-pressed coffee

Pour some water and thoroughly mix it.

Cold-pressed coffee

Add the rest of the water.

Cold-pressed coffee

Cover the bowl with clingwrap and place in the fridge for 10 hours or if your kitchen is cool, leave it out.

Cold-pressed coffee

Pour the coffee through a mesh strainer to get rid of most of the coffee grounds.

Cold-pressed coffee

Throw it away!

Cold-pressed coffee

Arrange some coffee filters around the mesh sieve, making sure the coffee filters cover all the area.

Cold-pressed coffee

Pour the coffee through the filter and let it filter out.

Cold-pressed coffee

Keep filtering until the coffee grounds disappear.

Cold-pressed coffee

Pour some coffee into a glass, top it up with milk and add some maple syrup. Enjoy!

Cold-brewed coffee (adapted from Thug Kitchen)
– 3/4 cup ground coffee
– 3 1/2 cups water (I use filtered water because brisbane water is gross)
– Coffee filters
– A large jug/bowl
– Mesh strainer
– Maple syrup

Put the coffee into a large jug/bowl and add a little bit of water. Stir, making sure to get rid of any dry pockets, and add the rest of the water. Cover with clingwrap and leave in the fridge for 10 hours.

After 10 hours take it out and pour the mix through a mesh strainer, discard the coffee grounds. Pour the coffee water through a coffee filter, leaving it to filter through. Keep filtering the coffee water using the paper coffee filters until all the coffee grounds have filtered out.

To serve pour about 1/4 cup (adjust to your taste) of the cold-brewed coffee into a glass. Fill with milk and squeeze some maple syrup to sweeten it. Enjoy!



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