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Penny Pinching Month!

penny pinching

Today I bring you lovely people the beginning of my penny pinching series. I have to save every penny I earn to go on holiday, so I’m going super cheap this month and next month too. This is a great opportunity for me to give you guys some cheap and delicious meals that might help if you’re trying to save money too. Some of the recipes I’ll feature will include cold-pressed coffee, lasagne soup, foolproof pasta sauce, breakfast bites, Japanese curry and many more!

We’re saving to fly to Germany for a music festival, it’s only in 2 months away which is why I’m madly trying to save. I live in Australia and we’re so isolated so flights are super expensive. I’m talking $1600 to get to Europe, return. So. Ridiculous. Hopefully we can save the money we need, I’ve never been to Europe and I really want to see the bands. If you’re from KΓΆln, give me a shout :)

I also have some news about the new job I applied for. *drum roll* Β I got it! It’s at this super cute little florist cafe. I’m the barista but I also get to play with the flowers and help customers out, it’s a really great job plus I get to take home flowers!

I hope you lovely people are well and I can’t wait to get these posts out for you guys! x



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