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If there’s one thing I can recommend to people who are on a tight food budget or for people that don’t like to cook dinner every night, it’s for them to make a big ol’ batch of meatballs. One batch of meatballs lasts me around 2-3 weeks and if you make a big batch of pasta sauce and freeze it in individual portions, you can grab one of each the night before and voila, a delicious lunch or dinner. Serve it on a sub with some cheese or make some spaghetti and it will taste soo good. Having said all that, if we don’t control ourselves, we can eat them all in a few days. I’m sure you guys have more self control than my boyfriend and I.


These meatballs are very easy to make and are packed full of flavour. These little guys freeze really well and I promise they won’t have any freezer taste when you defrost them. In fact, they’ll even stay juicy! My recommendation to you is to get your hands on a good herb mix, one that you really like the flavours of. For me I love the Masterfoods’ spaghetti bolognese herb mix. I sprinkle that onΒ everything.

Start cooking the onions and garlic in a pan and add all the other ingredients except for the flour and oil, in a bowl. Mix well with your hands.


Add the cooked onions and garlic and mix again.


Nice and mixed.


Shape the mix into balls, whatever size you like. They could be really big or small, I went with what I thought was medium.


Roll the balls into flour and shake off the excess.


Pan fry to get them nice and brown and then bake for 25 minutes.

I found this recipe from budget bytes and tweaked it for my taste.

– 500g/1.2lb beef mince
– 500g/1.2lb pork sausages, casings removed
– 1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
– 1 large clove garlic, finely diced
– 1/2 cup panko (japanese breadcrumbs)
– 1/3 cup parmesan cheese, grated
– 2 large eggs, beaten
– 1/2 cup plain flour
– 1-1/2 tbs herb blend
– oil for pan

1. Preheat the oven to 160C/350F. Heat oil in a pan and cook the onions and garlic and softened and translucent.
2. In a large bowl combine the beef mince, pork sausages, panko, cheese, eggs, flour, herbs, onions and garlic, using your hands to thoroughly smoosh everything together.
3. Shape the meatball mixture into meatballs. For me, it varies how many meatballs I get out of the mix, I basically just keep halving the mix until I get the desired size and then roll each section into balls.
4. Roll the balls in a plate of flour to coat them and set aside.
5. Heat some more oil in a large pan on medium/high and add the meatballs, cooking in batches. Once they are nice and brown remove and place on some paper towels.
6. After draining the oil, place the meatballs onto some trays and bake for around 25 minutes. Check to see if they’re cooked by breaking open the biggest one. If not, put them back in for a few minutes and check again.



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