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Decadent hot chocolate


Who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate? It’s winter here and the only solace from the cold is a giant mug of extra hot, extra chocolate-y, hot chocolate with marshmallows and if i’m feeling really naughty, some whipped cream too. When I’m feeling really, really, really naughty, I add a spoonful of caramel too! That’s just between you and me though x


Personally, I think sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate, a good book, some delicious brownies (I’ll be putting up the recipe soon for you cheeky people), a big warm blanket, a pair of big wooly socks and a candle for atmosphere, is without a doubt the most wonderful thing about winter. As much as I enjoy the cold weather, I like it best when it’s outside and I’m toasty inside.

This is an easy recipe, very open to adjustments (like some sneaky caramel) and you should change it to suit your tastes.


1 tbs cocoa powder
1 tbs sugar, any kind will do
1 dash of vanilla
Enough water to mix the ingredients into a syrup
1 mug of milk
*1 spoonful of caramel

Combine the ingredients, minus the milk, into a small cup or heatproof bowl. Put it in the microwave for 20 seconds to heat everything together. This is where I would add the caramel.

Combine the syrup and milk together in a mug and microwave it until it’s hot enough for you.

If you’re feeling a bit naughty, put some cream and marshmallows on top and drizzle with chocolate syrup.


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