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Homemade butter

If you had asked me to make butter last week, I would have told you a. I don’t have a butter churner b. I don’t even know where you get a butter churner from and c. I don’t even really know what a butter churner is. But I come to you fine people with some wonderful news! All you need to make butter is a bowl, some pure pouring cream and an electric beater. I’m sure you’re reading this and feeling pretty skeptical but I promise you that making butter is probably one of the most simple things to do.


You can definitely taste the freshness and creaminess in making your own butter and I would strongly recommend it if you can get your hands on some cheap cream. Butter also has a lot options for flavouring, such as sea salt, herbs, and if you’re feeling fancy, some oven roasted garlic to smear on some toasted focaccia.

DSC_0617First, pour some cream into a large bowl and start beating. I used half a carton (I think).


Keep beating!


Keep going!!


See how it’s starting to separate? It looks almost curdled.


This is where you stop beating. I’m sure you’re thinking, “that looks nothing like butter, woman!” Well no, I suppose it doesn’t, but all you have to do is get the liquid out.


Get aaall that liquid out. See how it’s starting to look like butter? Just spoon it into a container and voila, butter! I found it surprisingly fresh tasting compared to purchased butter and oh so creamy. I am a little embarrassed to say I practically ate about 2 cups in 3 days. TO BE FAIR, I did use it to bake, but boy was it a shock when I went to use it and it was all gone.


– Any amount of pouring cream
– Any flavours you want to add such as roasted garlic, herbs or sea salt

In the largest bowl you have, pour as much cream as you want, up to one container.

BeatΒ the cream until it separates into a liquid and solid. Please don’t do this by hand, it will take you far too long!

Using a mesh strainer or some muslin, squeeze out as much liquid as possible.

If you want to add any flavourings add them now and push the butter into a container. These will keep for a few days, sealed.



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