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Thomas the tank engine cake

My workmate wanted me to make her lovely little boy a colourful cake for his 5th birthday. Something to do with trains was the only criteria and since heΒ adored Thomas I knew what to do. This was the first time I worked with fondant, using it only for decorations such as the tunnel entrance, train tracks and train signs. I had thought about covering it in fondant but honestly, I’m sure a 5 year old little boy would like the taste of frosting much more than fondant.


I have to admit I was pretty pleased with my effort. I spent a little time just thinking about what it should look like and asked his mum if he had some spare trains I could borrow for it. Lucky for me he had the whole gang, which she took in a very sneaky fashion.


Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the inside but I can assure you it is bright orange and blue. Very bright orange and blue. This was the 3rd cake I have been asked to make and it was so much fun creating something playful for a little boy, but still making it look decent. I got a little experience with fondant which let me know I need to practice with it more as the pre-made rolls of it were a little hard to work with. These pesky little train tracks.


I just used a plain vanilla cake recipe for this cake as it’s heaps easier to colour brightly and a delicious vanilla buttercream frosting that set like cement. The colour scheme was bright green for the inside frosting, a more normal light green for the outside, a bright orange cake layer and a bright blue cake layer.


I used edible chocolate rocks, frosting flowers and frosting grass for the little decorations. I promise each was equally delicious.


The cake was a smash and she was given many compliments from friends which made me very happy to hear. I have another person wanting a cake for November for a 21st birthday, so hopefully I’ll be allowed to be creative again!


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