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Feb-March (Adelaide!)


I took a little break from blogging to travel a little to Adelaide for the music festival, Soundwave and to Cairns to visit our families. I had such an amazing time in Adelaide, specifically the Central Markets. We were staying a 5 minute walk away so we went there for breakfast everyday. I used to live in Adelaide so I have some really great memories from going to the markets every weekend and getting fresh croissants and tarts. They have this amazing shop called Dough which has the most incredible food next to two big cheese shops that have delicious cheese from around the world.

goats cheese

This shop ‘Say Cheese’ is always super busy and they regularly have cheese tasting.

egg dessert2

We found this dessert in a confusing little part of the market and seriously, this is the greatest thing I have ever eaten and will probably ever eat. The white is a vanilla bean custard and the center is made up of sea salt meringue, orange chocolate and a soft centered caramel truffle. Just…oh..god words cannot even begin to explain how amazing this dessert was.

I seriously licked that bowl clean.


I went and bought a creme brulee truffle from the Adelaide chocolate shop, Haigh’s and we also got some free milk chocolate, score! Then we went and sat down to eat a strawberry and vanilla cream tart and an unknown delicious sugar bun. Adelaide also has this really awesome donut place where they bake not fry so they don’t have this gross aftertaste AND were double the thickness.


While we were in Adelaide we took some time out to go to a strawberry farm and a little German area in the hills called Hahndorf about an hour from the city.



You get a big container and pay for them inside..but…I will admit, I just ate them as I picked them. I couldn’t resist, I mean just look at the shine, all the strawberries were super glossy and irresistible. Hahndorf was so cute and really historic. We had a bratwurst with sauerkraut and some beer from munich, how German.


Then we popped into a cute little shop with cuckoo clocks and german crafts.


HOW CUTE!!!!!! ^o^

I had a fantastic time in Adelaide going to restaurants, tapas bars and the markets. If you are in Australia and want to eat some amazing food you should definitely head to Adelaide. Top places to go would be the tapas bar, Casablabla, the Central Markets, Hahndorf and many little cafes!


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